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We have fun, are committed to producing great cider, have good values and we are hiring. Come join the Blue toad team. Below are our current openings that we have available.


Head Cider Maker

Job Type:

Full time

Pay Scale


Start Date

August 2016 or ASAP

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Job Description

To serve as the Head Cider Maker at the Blue Toad Hard Cider New York operation in Rochester NY. To oversee all production of the various Blue Toad cider varieties from the delivery of fresh pressed sweet cider to the packaging of the finished product.

  • All duties related to fermentation (yeast propagation, monitoring and promoting healthy fermentation).
  • Filtering (using plate and frame as well as DE filtration methods).
  • CIP of all production related equipment (fermenters, brite tanks, filters, pumps, etc.)
  • Packaging (kegging, canning and bottling).
  • Record keeping/TTB Reporting.
  • At least one year working in cider, beer or wine production.
  • High School diploma.
  • Basic computer competency with knowledge of Google docs, sheets, cloud, etc.
  • Ability and willingness to travel between production facilities in Rochester, NY and Roseland, VA (homebase will be Rochester, NY).
  • Clean and valid driver’s license.
  • Physical capabilities (can lift at least 50 lbs).
  • Flexible scheduling with ability to adjust schedule based on production needs.
  • Must posses a strong desire to maintain a sanitary facility.
  • Deadline and goal driven.
  • Mechanical aptitude and willingness to problem-solve.
  • Possesses a passion for cider and all things related to cider production.