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7 Delicious Recipes to Make with Blue Toad Hard Cider

You’ve filled your growler with Blue Toad Hard Cider, and intend to drink every last drop. But then, you start thinking about what to make for dinner and you realize that your favorite cider not only pairs well with a meal, but can actually be included in the prep! Have you ever considered cooking with Blue Toad? What a wonderfully refreshing and delicious way to mix up your meal planning. We’ve put together a list of hard cider recipes. We suggest using our flagship Blonde flavor for these.

Hard Apple Cider Jelly 

If you ever needed an excuse to have Blue Toad Hard Cider for breakfast, here it is. Try it on your toast, or on a cracker with some cream cheese. This recipe just calls for four ingredients, so if you are a beginner at canning, this might be your best bet.

Hard Apple Cider Peanut Brittle

You are less than 30 minutes away from Hard Apple Cider Peanut Brittle, according to this recipe. You can even add maple syrup and bacon to add to the deliciousness.

Hard Apple Cider Cupcakes

 There aren’t many foods I like to indulge in more so than cupcakes, and adding Blue Toad Hard Cider to the recipe? I. Am. Drooling. This recipe calls for a whiskey caramel apple filling – can you imagine?!

Sparkling Hard Apple Cider Sangria

 The perfect summer cocktail: White wine. Apple. Pear. Cinnamon stick. Blue Toad Hard Cider. Mix it into a large pitcher and enjoy.

Hard Apple Cider Mule

Think Moscow Mule, but with Blue Toad Hard Apple Cider.

Slow-cooker Apple Cider Pulled Chicken 

Slow-cooker recipes are so easy, usually yield a large amount of food, and always come out tasting delicious. This recipe for Hard Apple Pulled Chicken can be used on sandwiches, salads, or even plain. The combination of sweet onion, paprika, and Blue Toad Hard Cider doesn’t just sound delicious, it sounds heavenly.

Hard Apple Cider Chicken & Dumplings

I’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t like chicken and dumplings – likewise, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t enjoy Blue Toad Hard Cider. So why not combine the two? This recipe for Hard Cider Chicken and Dumplings takes less than an hour and serves four people – or just four meals for yourself.
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6 Reasons Why Craft Beverage Lovers Should Stop by a Blue Toad Tasting Room

1. Blue Toad has multiple locations, in two states!

If you read our origin story, you know that Blue Toad’s founders chose Rochester, NY and Nelson County, VA for good reason – it’s home! But even within those two areas, there are several different locations, each with it’s own unique feeling. In Rochester, our flagship tasting room located in Henrietta boasts a beautiful wooden bar with a cozy bar feel. We brew our cider in house at this location, and if you ask nicely, you may be able to take a peek behind closed doors. On certain nights, we host live music by local artists and when the weather is nice, we have our corn hole boards available for patrons to play. If you take 490 over to Victor, you can stop by our second Rochester location. A retired train car has been transformed into the perfect place for you and your friends to taste our locally made cider. Our final Rochester location showcases the very apples we use in our cider recipes. Schutts Apple Mill & Farm in Webster, hosts our third tasting room. While you’re there, be sure to grab some of Schutt’s fresh apples, baked goods, and of course, hard cider! For hours and directions, click here.

2. We have live music!

We love featuring local artists and showcasing their talents. Be sure to follow our Facebook pages to get updates on live music events!

3. Growlers, pints, flights – you can try Blue Toad Hard Cider in several ways!

If this is your first time walking into a Blue Toad tasting room, be sure to try our cider flights. Flights give you the opportunity to test taste anywhere from two to nine different ciders. Of course, you can always try any of our ciders in a pint. And for those of you who fall in love our cider – we offer growler fills so you can enjoy Blue Toad Hard Cider at home! 

4. We have beautiful views! 

Our Virginia locations offer stellar views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. On a clear day, our Cider Farm boasts some of the most spectacular 360° views in the area. These views are the perfect backdrop for any event, including weddings, which we have started to host! 

5. We use locally sourced apples only! 

Our business model is simple – but very important to us. Blue Toad Hard Cider uses only locally sourced apples for every batch of cider we make. We even go as far as to separate our New York and Virginia ciders. For all the ciders made in New York, our apples are sourced locally from the Rochester area. For those ciders made in Virginia, our apples come from just six miles up the road. We support local business so we encourage you to #drinklocal!

6. You can learn about how Blue Toad Hard Cider is made! 

Just ask! Our bartenders will be happy to give you a quick tutorial on how our cider is made. If you’re lucky, they may even give you a peek behind the scenes!    
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Hard Cider is Making a Comeback

Hard Cider is having a moment. Well, its having several moments in reality. Over the past seven years or so, hard cider’s popularity has skyrocketed. In 2011, cider only had about .2% of the market share. By the end of 2014? It owned 1%. Sure, that number isn’t HUGE… but did you do the math? In three years, cider’s market share grew fivefold. That’s absolutely unheard of especially considering that cider had nearly disappeared completely after prohibitionists cut down apple orchards in hopes to destroy the cider makers in the United States.

Between November of 2013 and November of 2014, cider sales had increased 75%. The next closest beverage category? Craft at 20% growth.

There’s plenty of reasons for hard cider’s resurgence – one of which is that cider appeals to women, another is that customers are more curious about craft beverages, whether that be beer or cider, and of course, the fact that cider is gluten-free wins over an entirely different crowd.

In New York State, where Blue Toad currently have three tasting rooms, craft beverage stores in general are popping up everywhere. In the last year, 32 new craft beverage stores opened statewide.

Meanwhile, in Virginia, where Blue Toad currently have a cider pub as well as tasting room, sales for wine and cider (they are grouped together since cider is such a new commodity) were up 6% from 2015 to 2016. More than half a million cases were sold in fiscal year 2016. When separated, cider sales in Virginia were up 52% with over 400,000 cases sold.

So, we pose the question – why do you drink hard cider?