August Flavors at Blue Toad Hard Cider

This month our cider makers have been having a blast releasing yearly seasonals as well as limited edition flavors that taste awesome! Both our Virginia and New York locations have our local favorites on tap, but in addition, we’ve added some funky flavors for you to try.

Orange Crush is now available on tap and in cans at all Virginia locations and in retailers around the area. Orange Crush is made from a blend of three apples found in the Blue Ridge and orange peels are used to bring out the flavor of both fruits. This light and refreshing cider is perfect for the heat of summer!

No matter your political views, Impeached Hard Cider is a fan favorite. Impeached is a blend of local apples and peaches, and each fruit bursts through with flavor. This flavor is available in our Virginia locations.

In recognition of Hurricane Camille, we released Ginger Gold Cider in Virginia. Ginger Gold is famous as the apple that Hurricane Camille brought forth. Camille brought devastating floods to Nelson County, Virginia in 1969, and the orchards of Clyde and Frances “Ginger” Harvey were badly washed out. In recovering the few surviving trees around the edge of one Winesap orchard, and then was found the parents to be Golden Delicious and Albermarle Pippin. This cider is 100% Ginger Gold Apples, Dry & Delicious. 5.5% ABV.

Meanwhile in New York, we’ve released two new flavors. First the Sweet Le Monte is our rendition of a southern favorite with a marriage of cardamom and lemon. This isn’t lemon tea, it’s Le Monte. Pinkies up!

We’ve also released Cowabunga Colada – a tidal wave of pineapple collides with boat load of coconut! Tastes just like it sounds and makes you feel like you’re sipping a cocktail on the beach!


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