Paddy Green Hard Cider Isn’t Just For the Irish

In 2018, our Paddy Green Hard Cider won a gold medal at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAPS). The Glintcaps are one of the largest competitions of its kind in the United States. Paddy Green ranked in the top six percent of all 1,500 ciders that entered the competition.

Initially, the cider was released as a spring seasonal to help celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and is said to make your tongue do the “Irish Jig”. The dry cider has a tart finish and an ABV of 5.5%. It has quickly become a customer favorite because of its great flavor and local ties.

Paddy Green is made with 100 percent Blue Ridge Mountain Granny Smith Apples grown at Silver Creek & Seaman Orchard. The orchard is just a few miles up the road from Blue Toad’s cider farm at the base of Wintergreen Mountain.

Here at Blue Toad Hard Cider, we strive to make an All-American product. Everything that we touch is from right here in the good ole USA. Even better? Our Virginia ciders are all made locally in Nelson County. We drive the liquid cider just 17 miles down the road to our Cider Farm where it is fermented right behind the walls of the tasting room. When you drink Blue Toad, it truly is farm to tap!

Paddy Green is available in our tasting rooms and on tap at restaurants and bars across Virginia. Be sure to give it a try next time and see why it was given the gold.

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