Spring Seasonals Now Available

We love experimenting with flavors and over the years, we have found seasonal favorites that have stuck around and return each year. Nothing says springtime like our Flower City Lilac and our Blueberry Hard Ciders!

Flower City Lilac pays homage to the city where Blue Toad Hard Cider was founded. Rochester is known for its gorgeous purple lilac flowers that bloom each May. In fact, Rochester loves its lilacs so much that the city throws a festival just to celebrate the flowers. Each year, we set up a booth at the Lilac Festival and serve thousands of Rochestarians our locally made cider. It was only right for us to use lilac flowers themselves in a cider and introduce it at the festival. We had such great feedback to Flower City Lilac that we decided to make it a seasonal. It is a refreshing and crisp cider and truly locks in the flavors of springs using locally sourced apples and lilac flavors to make it a true Rochester drink.

Our Blueberry Cider is always a conversation starter – it’s really blue! The look of the cider imitates the beautiful blue Virginia sky. Three local flavors of apples are used to create a perfectly balanced Blueberry Hard Cider.

Grab Flower City Lilac and Blueberry Hard Ciders at their respective tasting rooms and also in cans at local retailers.  

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