paddy green wins gold

Paddy Green Cider Wins GOLD!

Our Paddy Green Hard Cider is a gold medalist! The Irish-inspired cider took the gold medal at the 2018 Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAPS). The GLINTCAPS are one of the largest competitions of its kind in the United States. It takes place each May in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Paddy Green ranked in the top six percent of all 1500 ciders entered into the competition. The gold medal was in the modern dry category. We know our fans love this cider, and now the judges have spoken, too! Paddy Green is a winner all around. Paddy Green is made of 100% Granny Smith apples grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central, Virginia. In fact, the local orchard, Silver Creek & Seaman Orchard is just a few miles up the road from our cidery where the cider is made. Doesn’t get much more local than that. Paddy Green is a fairly dry cider with a tart finish and has an ABV of 5.5%. You can now purchase Paddy Green in cans! Enjoy!

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