frequent toader

Are You A “Frequent Toader”?

Do you frequent your local Blue Toad Hard Cider more than you think you should? Are you on a first name basis with the bartender? Do you know every flavor Blue Toad has ever created, and tasted them all, too? Does your idea of a six-pack include a variety of Black Cherry and Blonde?

Even if you answer “no” to these questions, and you are simply a fan of Blue Toad Hard Cider, we’ve got a fun opportunity for you.

Join our “Frequent Toader” campaign starting Thursday, August 30th for just $39.00 and become a member of our family for the next year.

What does the membership include?

  • 20% off all merchandise
  • 20% off all cans
  • 64oz Growler Fills for just $8.00
  • 32oz Growler Fills for just $5.00

Your membership lasts a full 365 days and there are unlimited spaces. This offer is only available in our New York tasting rooms. If you want to become a member now, you can sign up here!

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