Here is a little bit about our Craft & Our History


He that drinks his cyder alone, let him catch his horse alone. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Old-school values, new-world sensibilities.

Born in a barn, Blue Toad Cider honors the tradition and legacy of America’s first preferred beverage by brewing an all-natural and eminently drinkable hard cider using locally grown apples in Western New York and apples grown in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Rather than solely using European-style tart and bitter apples, Blue Toad Hard Cider uses a cider blend of three to four different apple varieties (replete with natural seasonal variation) grown in areas near Rochester, New York and Tyro, Virginia. Our production takes place at our cideries located in the Genesee Regional Market in Rochester, New York and at the base of Wintergreen Resort in Roseland, Virginia. We believe our cider is different – more authentic, more drinkable, more responsibly produced, more of an experience – than the more mass-produced ciders that may use imported concentrates. We hope you’ll treat yourself to a bottle, can or glass of our hard cider soon to savor that difference. We think you’ll be back for another.  

About the Founders

Blue Toad Hard Cider was conceived in 2013 in the back of a cold garage in Scottsville, New York by three childhood friends with diverse backgrounds – Todd Rath, Scott Hallock, and Greg Booth – who share a common upbringing and a common desire to consume high quality alcoholic beverages. All three graduated from Wheatland-Chili High School; all three made good in different fields and walks of life; all three reunited over good times and good drink to bring Western New York-grown apples to the hard-cider drinking masses.


Todd attended Purdue University, launched with his brother, and now lives in Nelson County, Virginia in the Rockfish Valley, which is known by some as the “Napa of the East Coast” by virtue of its wineries, cideries, breweries, and distilleries, as well as Todd’s own Blue Toad Pub, which he has operated for three years. Todd, his wife, Kim, their three children call this home, but “Toad” always wanted to return to his “real” home and get involved in the local beverage market.


Scott was not only a Eagle Scout, but also served as a tanker in the United States Army, as well as receiving an environmental management degree from RIT. Scott, his wife, Kerry, and their 2 children reside in Scottsville, where our first batches of cider were born. Scott is the MacGyver of our operation; give him a problem, and he’ll fix it with any spare parts we have lying around!