blue toad hard cider september 2018 events

Blue Toad Hard Cider Events, September 2018

Do the Back to School Blues still hit you this time of year, even if you haven’t been in school for a decade? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We’ve kept some of our favorite Blue Toad Hard Cider events throughout the month of September to help transition you out of summer mode, and into the fall. Check back for updates throughout the month!

Central Virginia Area Events

Daily – Happy Hour Specials at Fuzzy’s Taco Shop Stop by Fuzzy’s Taco Shop in Fifth Street Station for a daily Happy Hour special. You can purchase Blue Toad by the can for just $4! Every day between 4 and 7pm.

Rochester, New York Area Events

  Every Thursday – Power Pints  Start your weekend early with Power Pints every Thursday evening from 5-6pm. Grab a growler fill and every pint is only $2. Every Friday – Steal the Pint Night  From 5-7pm, when you buy a pint you get to keep the glass. Let’s see how many you can collect!  

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